NEW Crypto Asset With INSANE Potential!

Jun 20, 2020

Hey Guys,

I hope you are having a great Sunday and are taking it easy.

I have another video for you and as promised, I’m taking a look at a secret crypto-asset no one is talking about and that is Blockchain Domains. So what sort of upside are we talking about here? Well, if the regular internet is anything to go by we could be talking about multipliers not seen since the early days of Bitcoin.

After all, some people bought domains for just a few dollars in the early 1990s and ended up selling them later for tens of millions! is one of those types of domains that sold for over $10 million. Blockchain domains have already had proven value. Indeed, some .ETH domains have already sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is a brand new blockchain domain extension on the market. I would go as far as saying it’s the most valuable one out there and it’s potentially way more valuable than .eth. That would be the .crypto domains!

In my latest video, I tell you all about blockchain domains, what we can learn from the regular domain market and how you could start your very own domain flipping side hustle today!

So, I hope you get value from this 👇


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