Olympus DAO: MINDBLOWING DeFi Project!! Is it Legit?!

Feb 25, 2022

Hey Guys!

As some of you may know, I decided to hold off on the livestream for this week. However, I did give an update video on TikTok about the role of crypto to do good for those in need in Ukraine...


To take our mind off of the conflict in the real world at the moment, I have a really interesting video to share.

After doing my recent video about Anchor Protocol, it got me thinking about other crazy DeFi protocols that people have been wondering about (including me). Olympus DAO is another project that's at the top of the list, and after doing some digging, I was pretty surprised.

For context, Olympus DAO has been controversial because it offers insanely high yields on staking its OHM token. The OHM token is intended to be the "decentralised reserve currency" of cryptocurrency, but stuff like quadruple digit APYs has raised a lot of questions.

Believe it or not, but Olympus DAO has actually developed a few novel features that have changed DeFi forever. The most important of these is the concept of protocol owned liquidity which is outside the scope of this description, but it basically allows protocols to earn money.

Olympus DAO also seems to have some pretty serious backers as well as a solid team. If you watched my video about that crypto developer report you might recall they have the most devs of any DeFI protocol after MakerDAO, which is a pretty big deal.

With all this said, there are a lot of questions that need answering, and you can consider this video as being my attempt at doing just that.

Put your thinking caps on, because this is one crazy project!


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