The Most Powerful Man on Wall Street!! BlackRock’s Larry Fink?!

Jul 06, 2023

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Who is the most powerful man in the world? Some would say that it's the president of the US. Other's would say that it's the chair of the federal reserve.

Well, the real answer is the person who controls the most capital and in today's market, that is Larry Fink. He is the CEO of the World's Largest Asset Manager with almost $10 Trillion in Assets Under Management.

The reason that Larry is so powerful is because of the connections that he and BlackRock have with numerous global business and state leaders.

He has also been one of the strongest proponents of ESG investing mandate - a moniker that has earned him the ire of many.

However, what's the real Larry? What's his background and how did BlackRock become such a massive juggernaut?

That's all covered in the video today. Enjoy!


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