They're Trying To CONTROL Bitcoin!! This Story Will SHOCK You!!

Sep 25, 2023

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There’s a crypto meme that’s titled ‘institutions are coming’. 

It features Bitcoin as Wojack, being held by megabanks like JP Morgan which are of course NPCs, and these NPCs are trying to turn Wojack into an NPC. We posted it on our Instagram once. 

Lo and behold, institutions have been trying to do this to Bitcoin and crypto for a very long time. One of the most famous cases occurred between 2015-2017 and gives us an idea of what might be coming now that entities like Blackrock are involved.  

The good news is that Bitcoin has become resilient to these takeover attempts. The bad news is that institutions could still find a way to control Bitcoin via BTC’s price action. The rest of the crypto market could also be at risk of a real takeover.

This is a video you need to watch until the end.



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