This Week in Crypto: Mastercard, Visa & DOGE on SNL!

May 10, 2021

📃 Mastercard Survey 📃

40% of the of the 15 thousand international respondents said they intend to use cryptocurrencies for payments over the next year Almost 70 percent say they are more interested in cryptocurrency, and 75% agree that they would use cryptocurrencies if they understood them better

💳Visa’s Crypto Craze💳

Visa wants to make it easier for people to buy crypto. The payments giant also wants to settle payments in crypto, support CBDCs, and get more involved in the crypto space

🎈Interest Rates & Inflation🎈

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen hinted at rising interest rates while Warren Buffet warned about inflation. The former is bad for crypto in the short term, the latter is good in the long term ⚖Cryptocurrency Regulations⚖ The new chairman of the SEC Gary Gensler has taken note of the crypto market’s recent growth and called for more regulatory clarity in a recent interview with CNBC

🏦Banks Adopting Crypto🏦

The NYDIG recently partnered with another fintech giant to provide the compliant infrastructure banks would need to offer cryptocurrency trading to their clients Dozens of banks have already signed up, and NYDIG believes that most people in the US will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin through their bank by the end of the year

🛠CBDC Pilots Begin🛠

A US non-profit called the Digital Dollar Project will be conducting five CBDC pilots over the next year to help the US government to hurry up with its CBDC plans

💭Remembering Hal Finney💭

Besides Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the most important character in crypto is arguably Hal Finney who received the first ever Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi in January 2009

🥊Chiliz UFC & Sotheby’s NFT Auction🥊

A maximum supply of 20 million UFC tokens will be sold on the Socio platform in June. UFC token holders will get benefits such as fan voting, VIP rewards, and other exclusive promos Sotheby’s auctions will be from June 3rd and June 10th, and will feature the famous Quantum NFT by Kevin McCoy which was minted in 2014 on the Namecoin blockchain, a now defunct fork of Bitcoin

😱Elon Musk Pumps, Dogecoin Dumps😱

Elon Musk shilled the Shiba a few times on Saturday Night Live but DOGE dropped by 30 percent

📈Crypto Market Analysis📈

Volatility is the highest its been in quite some time, with some cryptocurrencies seeing triple digit gains while others collapse into oblivion


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