Tierion (TNT): What You NEED to Know about This Crypto

Jun 27, 2019


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► Tokensale: https://tokensale.tierion.com/

► GitHub: https://github.com/tierion


📝 Overview 📝

Tierion is a project that is trying to secure digital data on the blockchain. They also want to confirm its authenticity.

Essentially, they have taken on the idea of notarization and safe keeping of documents and shifted it to the protection of digital data.

There are quite a number of use cases for the technology. These include the following:

- Integrity and timestamp of business processes

- Cryptographic proof of order

On the technology front, Tierion uses Chainpoint technology to create what they call a "proof engine". Then, the blockchain will anchor this data to the transaction on the blockchain.

This basically means that anyone at any time to verify the integrity and timestamp of the data.

The native token that powers the Tierion ecosystem is their ERC20 standard TNT token. This is used in the ecosystem to pay the node operators. The TNT tokens will also be used to pay for access to network services such as chainpoint.

Tierion held an ICO back in July of 2017 and were able to raise a total of $25m where they sold 350m TNT tokens. TNT tokens have been through a rocky ride since the ICO and were caught up in the 2017 bull run as well as the subsequent bear market.

TNT is traded on a number of exchanges although the bulk of the volume is currently taking place on Binance. There is a decent amount of turnover on this exchange which implies reasonable liquidity.

Given that this is an ERC20 standard token, there are a number of wallets that you can use although you are perhaps best suited using a Hardware wallet.


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