Upcoming Crypto Upgrades in 2022: DONT MISS THESE!!

Jan 13, 2022

Hey Guys,

I can't help but notice that there's been a lot of talk about a crypto bear market lately...

I happen to think that this is a whole load of FUD, and that's simply because of all the insanely bullish upcoming milestones for some of the largest crypto projects.

The list I give today is certainly not exhaustive, but I would argue it's the most important. This includes 5 different milestones and dates that could have an impact on the likes of Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Litecoin & Cardano.

I detail them in the video but here is a sample of some of those milestones:

For starters there's Bitcoin which could see the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the coming months. This would do wonders for BTC and cause the rest of the crypto market to pump.

The only milestone that rivals the relevance of a spot Bitcoin ETF is Ethereum's own upcoming upgrade: the merge. This will transition the Ethereum blockchain from proof of work to proof of stake which could cause a huge speculative rally.

The last crypto project I'll mention here is Cardano whose ADA coin has been down in the dumps lately. I honestly think this is going to change as Cardano dApps start to deploy.

The three that are most likely to launch in the coming weeks could not only carry ADA to new all time highs, but present new 100x opportunities for early adopters.

In case that didn't make it clear enough, this is a video you can't afford to miss, and it's one that you need to watch until the end!


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