WATCH OUT For these Crypto SCAMS!!

Nov 07, 2020

Happy Sunday Guys!

This weekend was the first of the UK lockdown, but it didn't bother yours truly. Who needs a party when the crypto markets are rocking 24/7 🥳

I have a new video up for you folks, and this is something that I have been meaning to get to for some time. I take a look at some of the worst scams that currently permeate the crypto space.

You see, these scams are often one of the biggest barriers to mass adoption as they mostly target some of the newest comers to the space. This can sometimes leave a sour taste in their mouth and turn them off of crypto.

Of course, some of these scams are so damn sophisticated that they are also able to dupe pretty experienced hodlers. We all have lapses in judgement sometimes and by constantly being two steps ahead, we can avoid losing our crypto.

So, in this video I take you guys through 5 of the top five crypto scams currently. I let you know how they operate and how they make their money. I also give you some top tips that could help you avoid falling victim to any of them.

Enjoy! 👇


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