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GM, Anon! Memecoins took a wild ride, followed by a flash crash that wiped out a ton of leverage. Now, we're witnessing a swift recovery back to ATHs. BTC isn't the sole focus anymore; ETH is also displaying remarkable strength as it continues to climb. Could both coins reach significant new ATHs before the halving? We believe so! 

Today, we’ll be covering:

  • Understanding memecoins
  • Looking at past examples of successful memecoin trades
  • Crypto AI projects
  • How DePin and DeRen complement the AI revolution
  • Why we’re bullish on ETH and an overview of the Dencun upgrade
  • Crypto AI airdrop opportunities
  • Farming some anticipated memecoin-orientated airdrops 

Let’s dive in!

The Resurgence of Memecoin Mania

Memecoin mania is making a massive comeback, with market caps soaring to levels that are frankly mind-boggling. We're seeing everything from modest investments to eye-watering multi-million dollar bets on these digital assets. According to Fintech Junkie, “it’s all a game.” 

In this “game,” traders try to amplify their holdings through social clout and market dynamics rather than traditional asset valuation.

The game is simple yet surreal - participants aim to elevate their status within a community by engaging in social media antics, generating a Fear Of Missing Out through humorous content. 

The objective? 

Sell portions of their holdings at fluctuating prices, influenced by the whims of supply and demand. Success in this game is measured by the profit one can extract from the market.

Critics and participants alike draw parallels between this phenomenon and the stock market, albeit with a twist. Memecoin trading strips away the veneer of corporate performance, focusing instead on the raw mechanics of hype and speculation. It's a domain where absurdity reigns, and fortunes can swell overnight, fueled by a collective suspension of disbelief.

Yet, beneath the surface, memecoin trading transcends mere profit-seeking. For many, it represents a movement, a collective dissent against conventional financial wisdom. 

The allure of memecoins lies not in their intrinsic value but in the communal experience of bucking traditional investment norms. This movement is less about financial principles and more about a shared sentiment of defiance and camaraderie.

But let's not kid ourselves. 

The real thrill for many is the chase for rapid gains. The volatility, the chance to see investments double, triple, or more in a blink—that's what's drawing the crowds. And with everyone watching the numbers swell, there's a common belief that more participants mean higher demand and, thus, higher prices.

Now, when we chat with traders, it's fascinating to see the divide. The smaller investors are all about the collective dream, the "WAGMI" spirit. 

The whales, though? They've got a different take, focusing on how to stir up demand, ride the wave, and then find the perfect moment to “exit stage left.”

The memecoin saga also casts a shadow over the world of NFTs, once heralded as a frontier of digital art and collectibles. The disillusionment with NFTs stems from unmet expectations and community dynamics that emphasize profit over passion, driving enthusiasts back to the more straightforward, albeit chaotic, world of memecoin trading.

So, what's the takeaway from this crypto rollercoaster? It's a stark reminder that the world of digital currencies is ever-evolving, with memecoins currently stealing the spotlight. It's a blend of high stakes, community dynamics, and a dash of rebellion against traditional financial systems (remember WallStreetBets and GameStop + DOGE?) 

As we watch this unfold, it's clear that the memecoin phenomenon is something that both captivates and divides the crypto community.

Diving In

What an incredible run it has been throughout February, especially since last week, where coins like Floki, Pepe, and Wif saw gains ranging from 200% to 400%. Additionally, Binance recently launched Wif, marking a significant milestone for the emergence of Solana-based memecoins. This development was also paralleled by the collective market cap volume of Solana-based memecoins hitting $10B.

Other noticeable gains included Elon, which had a remarkable day with a significant increase of 38.25%, closely followed by Bone, which surged by 35.79%. Moreover, Dog, the fractionalized Doge NFT, demonstrated considerable growth, registering a rise of 28.95%.

Source: Tradingview

Given the remarkable gains achievable within a short timeframe, it's improbable for this trend to diminish anytime soon. Retail investors tend to be particularly active in this segment of the market, often playing their cards excessively. Furthermore, many whales also frequently participate in this domain, further fueling its momentum. 

Before the flash crash these are the kind of gains you could have made with $100.

Memecoins have become an integral part of crypto culture, with each new or established blockchain expected to introduce its own meme-inspired tokens. Previously, during the launch of Base, we witnessed the meteoric ascent of Bald, and more recently, with the introduction of Blast, Blastoise has garnered significant traction. 

Other eagerly awaited tokens are Zorro and Zeek, linked to zkSync, and lastly Zora has seen the launch of its own unique memecoin titled Enjoy. For those who get in early, the rewards are unparalleled. 


How are these coins traded? Traders closely monitor market dynamics, attuned to the shifting narratives and focused on various blockchain ecosystems. As attention rotates, so does the focus on memecoins associated with specific chains during that period. 

In addition, real-life events frequently inspire the creation of new memecoins. For instance, anticipation surrounds the potential surge of Trump memecoin should he win the US election this year, with accumulations observed on-chain. 

Notable newcomers like Zyn and Stan have also emerged, highlighting the ever-growing list of memecoins continually entering the market. Many traders specialize in this segment, reflecting the growing complexity of trading its different sectors. 

One successful strategy that many follow is to follow wallets that have been successful in trading such moves. Gather notable addresses from applications such as Nansen, Chainedge or profiles on X such as Lookonchain which often detail such moves. 


Dive into this thread to learn how a trader turned $400 into nearly $1M through Wif.


AI Revolution

As we delve into the dynamic realm of AI and crypto, it's imperative to acknowledge the seismic shift brought about by innovations such as ChatGPT. ChatGPT burst onto the scene, profoundly altering the digital landscape. In a remarkably short span, AI has not only come to dominate our collective mindspace but has also set new benchmarks for what technology can achieve. 

  • AI-powered coins have emerged as a significant sector, attracting attention and investment. The integration of AI with blockchain technology has created new opportunities for innovation, security, and efficiency in the crypto space. 
  • The market cap for AI cryptos has reached significant figures, indicating a strong and growing interest in this sector, with this market being valued at over $20B, with tokens like Render and Bittensor experiencing notable gains. 
Summary of some of the most popular AI projects. Source

Bittensor introduces a method for commodifying the creation and discovery of AI models, utilizing specialized subnetworks known as subnets to foster an environment where contributions towards machine intelligence are incentivized. 

  • Tokenholders within Bittensor play a pivotal role, directing the network's growth and the evolution of AI projects through strategic capital allocation to these subnets. 
  • Bittensor's unique blend of blockchain technology and AI development is carving a new path in the tech landscape, making it a standout project in the realms of AI and crypto.

Render's success can be attributed to several key factors. Initially, the Render Network has positioned itself as a leader in decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions, targeting the burgeoning metaverse sector. 

  • Render's recent advancements and updates have contributed to its rising popularity and price. For instance, the announcement of revisions to the C4D plugin for Octane, which includes a new feature designed specifically for RNDR Jobs, has positively impacted its market value. 

Other major notable projects include Fetch.ai and SingularityNET which stand out for their foundational contributions to the AI and blockchain intersection. 

  • Fetch.ai, with its focus on autonomous agents, aims to revolutionize sectors such as DeFi through AI-driven solutions. 
  • On the other hand, SingularityNET provides a decentralized marketplace for AI services, facilitating the exchange and development of AI technologies.

Revenue Generation

A recent report by Van Eck projected that AI-related crypto projects could generate annual revenues of $10.2B or more. This forecast is part of a broader examination that considers varying degrees of market adoption and technological integration across bear, base, and bull case scenarios. Established AI projects such as Akash are already starting to generate noticeable revenues. 

Akash Network is distinguishing itself as a leader in the crypto AI space by offering a decentralized cloud computing platform that caters specifically to the needs of AI and machine learning workloads. 

  • Leveraging blockchain technology, Akash provides a secure, transparent, and cost-effective solution for deploying AI applications, making it easier for developers to access computational resources. 

DePin & DeRen

DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and DeREN (Decentralized Resource Networks) are integral to the evolving narrative of AI and crypto, offering groundbreaking approaches to decentralization that extend beyond digital transactions into the physical and resource-based domains. 

  • DePINs focus on applying blockchain technology to physical infrastructures such as energy grids, supply chains, and telecommunications, enhancing security, efficiency, and transparency. 
  • On the other hand, DeRENs concentrate on the virtual and resource allocation aspects, facilitating the decentralized management and exchange of digital assets, storage, and computing power. 
  • They enable a peer-to-peer ecosystem that bypasses traditional intermediaries, fostering a more equitable and accessible digital economy. 
  • DeRENs support the AI and crypto narrative by providing the infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps), which can run autonomously, offer services directly to users, and incentivize participation through cryptocurrency rewards.

AI X Crypto – Exploring the Verticals

The AI X Crypto convergence aims to leverage the strengths of blockchain technology, including decentralization, transparency, and security, to address some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the development and deployment of AI. Here are some powerful verticals that showcase this convergence.

Best AI X Crypto Verticals

1. DePIN

DePIN leverages decentralization to address the increasing demand for computational resources, such as GPUs and data storage, essential for AI development. 

  • DePIN connects idle GPU resources with demand through a marketplace, rewarding suppliers with tokens. This optimizes global computational capacity for AI and other tasks, making access more efficient and democratized.

2. Governance and Transparency

As AI's influence grows, surpassing even the internet's potential impact, understanding the workings of AI models and their data inputs becomes vital for maintaining a democratic and free society. 

  • Decentralizing AI models and their training onto blockchain platforms can significantly increase transparency, allowing users to verify the provenance and integrity of the AI systems they interact with. 
  • This move towards on-chain AI models fosters trust and promotes a more equitable distribution of the technology's benefits.

3. Data Training & Incentivization

The need for high-quality training data, a key driver of AI performance, presents a significant challenge. 

  • The crypto ecosystem offers innovative solutions to this problem by enabling individuals and entities to monetize their data and AI models. 
  • Contributors can be fairly compensated through tokenization and the creation of global, permissionless markets.

4. zkML and opML

Zero-knowledge ML (zkML) and optimistic ML (opML) represent a transformative approach in the AIXCrypto sector. 

  • They enhance the transparency and verifiability of ML models on the blockchain, allowing users to easily verify model outputs and inputs, thereby addressing opacity in conventional AI systems.

AI X Crypto Performance

The financial performance of AI tokens further underscores the sector's vitality, with significant outperformance compared to broader market indices. 

  • While memecoins have gained much traction in the last few days, AI has consistently remained a strong narrative over the past year.

Ethereum To The Moon

Liquidity Is King

Among all the ecosystems, Ethereum stands out as the primary hub for liquidity. Why is this distinction crucial? Liquidity serves as the lifeblood for ecosystems and their protocols. Major players in the crypto sphere anchor their liquidity on Ethereum's mainnet, prioritizing security and reliability over transaction costs, often paying hefty gas fees without hesitation. 

These institutional players operate differently from retail traders, who tend to prioritize transaction costs. As financial institutions increasingly engage in staking and other DeFi activities, they are likely to continue utilizing Ethereum's mainnet for liquidity. 

Conversely, retail traders may gravitate towards Layer 2 solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism, as well as the Solana ecosystem, where transaction costs are lower, albeit with some compromises in security and reliability.

TVL on Ethereum currently sits at roughly $55B, well ahead of most chains. Source: DefiLlama.

Ethereum is Deflationary

In addition to providing significant liquidity and security, Ethereum has transitioned into a deflationary asset. Many users may not fully grasp the implications this will have on Ethereum's price. 

As Ethereum establishes itself as the benchmark for yields within the ecosystem, often considered the risk-free rate, major players are increasingly locking up their ETH to earn yields ranging from 2% to 4% on average. Moreover, with Ethereum now being burned at a rate that reduces its supply, ETH is poised to face a supply shock, leading to substantial price appreciation in the future.

The burn, initiated with the EIP-1559 upgrade, has surpassed 1.5M ETH, equating to over $5.6B at current prices.  A comparison below illustrates Ethereum's deflationary nature relative to Bitcoin.


Builders and Ethereum

Builders overwhelmingly prioritize the Ethereum ecosystem, a pivotal metric given their role in creating the products integral to our daily crypto interactions. Ethereum has been a hub of innovation, hosting developments like NFTs and DeFi. The upcoming major revolution in DeFi, Liquid Staking and Liquid Restaking, is poised to further solidify Ethereum's position as a leader in blockchain innovation. 


Ethereum’s Fees & Revenues

Overwhelmingly, Ethereum stands out as the primary generator of fees within the crypto realm, thanks to the protocols built within its ecosystem. This not only signifies that a vast number of users are actively engaging with these products but also serves as a testament to Ethereum's sustainability in the long run. The consistent ability of Ethereum to generate significant revenue over extended periods is a strong indicator that its ecosystem is set to continue flourishing. 


ETH ETF On The Horizon

The SEC has once again decided to delay its verdict on the approval of Ethereum ETF proposed by BlackRock and Fidelity. In response to the delay, the SEC has initiated a period for public commentary, inviting stakeholders to share their perspectives on the matter.

Market analysts and ETF experts have closely monitored the SEC's actions, with many believing that the commission will likely make a definitive ruling on the ETFs as the final May deadline approaches. Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart has identified May 23 as a critical date, particularly concerning VanEck's spot Ethereum ETF application, which could set the tone for the broader Ethereum ETF landscape.

Ethereum Dencun: Underneath The Hood

Post-Merge, Ethereum is expected to go through multiple stages as it approaches completion.


Cancun-Deneb, or "Dencun," is the pivotal update of the “Surge” phase. It is expected to go down on March 13.

But wait..why should I care about Dencun?

One of the biggest weaknesses of Ethereum is its gas fees.

During periods of high traffic and demand, Ethereum gas fees spike so much that the network becomes almost unusable. With layer-2 solutions, it will be possible to do transactions with near-zero transaction fees at all times!

This is why the Ethereum Dencun upgrade is so important.

At the heart of Dencun lies the groundbreaking introduction of proto-danksharding via Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844, designed to dramatically enhance network scalability and reduce operational costs, marking a pivotal evolution in Ethereum's infrastructure.

What is Proto-Danksharding?

Sharding is a technique designed to enhance the efficiency and speed of a network by distributing its workload across multiple groups or "shards". Each shard is responsible for handling a portion of the network's transactions, allowing them to be processed in parallel. 

Sharding is particularly important for Ethereum's goal of scaling its network without compromising decentralization or security.

Proto-Danksharding is a step towards achieving full sharding on Ethereum. It introduces a foundational structure and set of rules needed for sharding but doesn't implement sharding itself. It also makes it simpler and cheaper for layer 2 solutions, which build on top of Ethereum to increase scalability. 

Oh Cool! What else will Dencun do?

Dencun will also introduce these upgrades:

  • EIP-4788: Bridges the communication gap between Ethereum's execution and consensus layers, enhancing overall network interoperability and efficiency.
  • EIP-6780: Revises the use of the ‘SELFDESTRUCT’ function in smart contracts to improve security and prevent potential vulnerabilities associated with this feature. The SELFDESTRUCT command lets a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain delete itself, clearing its data and sending any Ether it has to a specified address. While it's a way to end a contract and free up space, it can also lead to security issues by creating unpredictable behavior in the blockchain.
  • EIP-5656: Introduces a new opcode for more efficient memory copying within smart contracts, improving the network's efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • EIP-7044: Addresses aspects of voluntary exits in the staking process, aiming to provide a smoother and more flexible experience for stakers on the Ethereum network.
  • EIP-7045: Focuses on attestation inclusion, further enhancing the staking experience by facilitating a more efficient and user-friendly participation process.

Crypto Guides & Opportunities

Now that we have you up to speed on the latest trends, let’s dive into some great opportunities for users.

In the realm of blockchain and AI, airdrops are becoming a key way for projects to expand their community and reward engagement. Let's dive straight into three intriguing initiatives: 

Grass, Capx AI Protocol, and io.net Cloud, each offering unique solutions and airdrop opportunities for participants eager to contribute to their ecosystems. Here's a brief on each and how you can get involved.

The Grass is Greener Where You Water it.

But What Happens When You Don’t Have Water?

Go Degen and farm these airdrops👇

1. Grass

Grass is an innovative network-sharing platform designed to revolutionize unused bandwidth utilization. By enabling users to sell their surplus bandwidth, Grass offers a more equitable solution to traditional network models, which often involve middlemen taking a significant cut from transactions.

We’ve shared this with you before and it is one of the most low-effort opportunities available so make sure and Follow these steps to participate in the Grass airdrop:

  • Sign up and boost your initial points tally. Register here.
  • Download and install the Grass extension from the Chrome web store.
  • Increase your points-earning potential by connecting additional devices.
  • You'll accumulate Grass points as you browse the internet with these connected devices.

2. Capx AI Big Airdrop Campaign

Capx AI Protocol introduces an innovative approach to AI development by leveraging a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. 

  • This initiative aims to decentralize the AI infrastructure, which is currently dominated by centralized entities. 
  • It spans the full range of AI development processes, including data labeling, annotation, model training, and alignment. 
  • The protocol employs advanced reinforcement learning techniques such as Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) and Decentralized Preference Optimization (DPO), with a mission to foster a human-centric AI ecosystem.

Here's how to engage with the Capx AI Protocol Incentivized Testnet, the largest decentralized, peer-to-peer, human-centric AI infrastructure:

  1. Registration: Start by registering at https://app.capx.fi/. You can sign up using your email address or by connecting your wallet.
  2. Enter Code: During the registration process, use the code "UJM7GH".
  3. Request ETH: After registering, request Ethereum on the Testnet, which will be used for transactions within the platform.
  4. Begin Tasks: Start completing the tasks provided on the platform. Upon reaching the fourth task, you'll be directed to Galxe's website.
  5. Galxe Account: If you don't have a Galxe account, create one using your main wallet. This is required to complete the Twitter task.
  6. Twitter Task: Complete the specified task on Twitter.
  7. Mint NFT: You'll need approximately 0.01 MATIC to mint the "Capx Testnet Twitter" NFT. Make sure you have enough MATIC for this step.
  8. Claim Rewards: After minting the NFT, claim your points and NFT as instructed.
  9. Reconnect Wallet: Return to the Capx website and reconnect your wallet. Ensure this wallet holds the "Capx Testnet Twitter" NFT before proceeding.
  10. Verification: Verify your participation. It's crucial not to verify until you've confirmed that the connected wallet contains the NFT.
  11. Mint Season Pass: Following verification, you'll have the option to mint a Season Pass, which may include access to beta features or upcoming tasks.
  12. Await Further Instructions: Complete these steps and stay tuned for additional tasks or instructions from Capx.

3. Ignition Airdrop Program by io.net

io.net Cloud is a state-of-the-art decentralized computing network that allows machine learning engineers to access scalable distributed clusters at a small fraction of the cost of comparable centralized service.

Requirements: ~2 Matic and a GALXE ID

To participate in the io.net Ignition Airdrop Program and become an early member of the IO Network, follow these actionable steps:

  1. Ensure you have around 2 Matic and a GALXE ID ready for participation.
  2. Visit the Ignition Airdrop Program campaign page on GALXE to start your quest.
  3. Complete the following tasks on Galaxe to earn points:
    • Ignition Airdrop Program Tasks: Complete tasks to earn 850 points.
    • Social Engagement Updated Daily Tasks: Engage with the community on social platforms to earn 450 points daily.
    • Ignition Airdrop Program by io.net - Daily Tasks: Perform daily tasks to earn 15 points each day.
    • Discord Tiers: Participate in Discord activities to earn up to 1000 points. Make sure to complete the other tasks as well.
  4. Consider running a cluster on io.net Cloud to potentially improve your chances of earning an airdrop, as the platform supports a wide range of compatible GPUs.

By following these steps, you can contribute to building the Internet of GPUs and support AI and ML innovation while earning rewards through the Ignition Airdrop Program.

4. $TEN Airdrop

Dive into the future with TEN, an advanced Layer 2 solution transforming Ethereum's landscape. Supported by prominent investors like KuCoin Labs, DWF Labs, and Big Brain Holdings, TEN brings unmatched efficiency and scalability to DeFi. Engage in the TEN airdrop and become a part of a pioneering community driving blockchain innovation. Here's how: 

Airdrop Steps

Start on Testnet: Connect with TEN Testnet to begin your journey.

Engage with Faucet: Obtain test ETH by joining TEN's Discord.

1. Play the Guessing Game: Test your luck at the Guessing Game with your wallet.

2. Galxe Campaigns for Rewards:

  • Campaign 1: Complete tasks, confirm a transaction, and earn 48 points.
  • Campaign 2: Verify tasks, engage in social activities, refer friends, and secure 100 points.
  • Campaign 3: Ascend from "Novice" to "Squire".

3. Node Setup: If you are interested in running a node, fill this form.

Bonus Opportunity: Bolster your DeFi game by minting NFTs at zkstars.io, with potential airdrops and 20 contracts worth $5 on any EVM chain.

Join the TEN ecosystem and contribute to the next phase of DeFi evolution.

5. Tabi Testnet Airdrop actions!👇

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and gaming, Tabi emerges as a groundbreaking platform, being the first gaming chain on Cosmos with EVM compatibility and the capability to process a Million transactions per second (TPS). This ambitious project, supported by industry giants like Animoca Brands and Binance Labs, has recently unfurled the sails of its Testnet. With a significant airdrop on the horizon, backed by the colossal Binance, the buzz is real, and the time to act is now. This step-by-step guide ensures you won't miss out on the Tabi Testnet Airdrop and will be part of shaping a billion-user Web3 future.


Airdrop Steps

Set Up Metamask:

First and foremost, integrate the Tabi Network into your Metamask. Name the network "Tabichain 1.0", input the RPC URL, set the ChainID as "9789", and denote "TABI" as the currency symbol.

Acquire Test Tokens:

Embark on your journey by claiming your test tokens at the Faucet. These tokens are your ticket to participating in the network activities.

Engage in Transactions:

Keep the network lively by conducting several transactions. It's recommended to transact with different addresses weekly, keeping your engagement consistent.

Embark on the Tabi Voyage:

The real adventure begins at Tabi Voyage. Connect your wallet (ensure it's on the BSC Network), start with "Step1 Sailor’s Quest", complete the engaging tasks laid out for you, and claim your well-deserved rewards.

Spread the Word:

Move on to "Step2 Invite Quest". Share your unique journey by inviting friends using the link provided. The more, the merrier!

Reddit Engagement:

Participate in the "Reddit Quest" by connecting your Reddit account. Your engagement on this front will also be rewarded.

Meet the Mermaid:

Lastly, the Mermaid's Quest awaits. Complete the simple tasks set by the mermaid and claim your rewards. Ensure your wallet is equipped with enough gas on the zkSync Era Network for these transactions.

Joining the Tabi Testnet Airdrop is not just about reaping rewards; it's about being part of a community-driven initiative that's setting the stage for a revolutionary Web3 future. With the backing of heavyweights like Binance and Animoca Brands, and a clear vision for mass adoption, your participation today could be the stepping stone to the blockchain gaming world of tomorrow. Embark on this voyage, contribute to the ecosystem, and let's craft a billion-user future together. The Tabi Testnet Airdrop is an opportunity knocking – will you answer?

6. Berachain 

In our recent newsletter, we introduced Berachain, a Tendermint-based, EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain with a unique Proof of Liquidity consensus. Berachain uses a tri-token model with $BERA for transaction fees, $BGT for governance, and $HONEY as a stablecoin, backed by $42M in VC funding. Its testnet launched in January 2024. Berachain employs a tri-token model which includes: Berachain is a Tendermint-based EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain that is powered by a  Proof of Liquidity consensus model.

  • 🐻 $BERA: A native token for paying transaction fees
  • 🐝 $BGT: A governance token to drive liquidity supply from users
  • 🍯 $HONEY: A native Stablecoin

Berachain has raised a total of $42M and is backed by some huge VCs, including Polychain Capital. Berachain’s public testnet was launched in January 2024 and is currently ongoing.

Testnet Guide

a) Add Berachain testnet to your Metamask using the following credentials:

b) Claim testnet tokens

  • Go to Berachain faucet
  • Enter your wallet address
  • Click on the "Drip tokens"
  • You’ll need to claim tokens a few times

c) Swap

  • Go to BEX page
  • Connect wallet
  • Swap $BERA to $stgUSDC

d) Swap

  • Go to BEX page
  • Connect wallet
  • Swap $stgUSDC to $HONEY

e) Pool

  • Go to BEX webpage
  • Connect wallet
  • Add liquidity to a pool

f) Trade

g) Galxe

  • Go to Berachain Galxe page
  • Log in with your wallet
  • Complete social tasks
  • Take the quiz (Answers: C D D D A )

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