Are Stablecoins MANIPULATING Bitcoin?? My Findings!

Nov 02, 2020

Hey Guys,

I know most of you have your eyes glued to the US election results, but if you wanted a bit of a break from the craziness, I have a new video up for you 📺

For this video, I put on my detective hat in order to dive into an age-old question: Stablecoin manipulation.

More specifically, do stablecoin prints impact on the price of Bitcoin? And is this practice still playing a role on the crypto markets.

I also take a deep dive in stablecoins in general and analyze the current landscape. Could central banks take a stand against stablecoins or could they join forces to craft a CBDC?

That's what the video attempts to answer. It is also part one of my 2-part series on stablecoins so you won't want to miss it 😉


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