BarnBridge (BOND): One CRAZY Defi Protocol!!

Oct 30, 2020

Hey Folks,

Happy Bitcoin Birthday! 🥳

I wish I could celebrate but unfortunately, we have gone into a second national lockdown here in the UK. Talk about a scary Halloween...

Anyhow, we can't change government policy. We just have to adapt and try and work with what we have. In my case, it just means that I will have more time to focus on the crypto markets and producing some top-notch content for you guys.

And, keeping with that line - I have another video for you today.

About two weeks ago, I sent the message above that talked about BarnBridge and promised a video on it. Well, this is it.

BarnBridge is a really interesting Defi protocol that is looking to "Tranche" and Tokenize yield risk. Essentially, they will pool yield generating tokens in order to split the risk amoung senior and junior tranches.

This will allow users in the senior tranche to earn fixed rates of interest where Junior tranche buyers can be exposed to more risky yet lucrative variable residual rates.

This is actually a practice which has been around in traditional fixed income markets for some time. However, BarnBridge is the first Defi project that I have seen doing this.

There is also of course a governance token that Yield Farmers have been drawn to. This BOND token has recently hit the open market and has generated quite a bit of interest.

There was really a lot to cover in the video but I hope I managed to get to it all. Enjoy the vid guys! 👇



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