Band Protocol: Review & BAND Price Prediction!!

Aug 12, 2020

Hey Guys!

Hope you guys are doing well and that none of you had any funds in YAM?

Truth be told, DeFi is moving so damn fast. So fast, that developers are releasing protocols and dApps that are not well tested or (in the case of YAM) even *audited*.

Be careful when chasing those sky high APYs....

But, if you are super bullish on Defi, then you there are certain projects that you may want to take a deeper look into. Those that can benefit from all projects building DeFi dApps and protocols.

These are of course those decentralised oracle networks!

You guys will no doubt know that I am a big fan of Chainlink. Heck, it makes up the bulk of my altcoin portfolio. Indeed, that $20 price prediction I had in my latest chainlink Vid is has come much quicker than I ever anticipated!

But, this got me thinking, are there any other projects building out Oracle solutions? Any projects that could replicate some of that success and see similar gains?

Well, one of of the most prominent of those is the Band Protocol. This has recently exploded and is up an insane amount since a recent Coinbase Pro listing. This of course means that it's well worth a review from me.

I do that in my latest video. I look at the tech, use cases, team, partnerships, tokenomics and comparisons with Chainlink. I also throw out my own price prediction and give you my view on BAND's recent price movements.

Hope you guys like it!!


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