Bitcoin ETF COMING?! What The Grayscale vs. SEC Lawsuit Means!

Sep 07, 2023

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Last week the crypto industry had an important victory. I am of course talking about Grayscale's win in its lawsuit with the SEC. 

For those that don't know, Grayscale sued the SEC on the grounds that the regulator's denial of it's ETF application was arbitrary and capricious. 

It seemed nonsensical that the regulator would claim that a spot-based instrument was "subject to manipulation" whereas a futures based one wasn't. Grayscale put forward a convincing case and the judge sided with them. 

The win could have serious implications for the sector because it makes it that much more likely that the SEC is going to approve a range of different Spot ETF applications. Let's not forget that BlackRock already has an application in the pipes. 

How likely are we to see an approval this year? And what implications is this going to have for the crypto industry? This is all covered in our video today!



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