Coinbase vs. SEC: Everything You NEED To Know!

Jun 08, 2023

Hey Guys,

The SEC is out for blood. After suing Binance, the anti-crypto regulator sued Coinbase. The lawsuits are similar yet different. Similar in that they were both predictable, different in that Coinbase’s lawsuit has more to do with securities laws.

As bland as this sounds, it could have profound implications for the crypto industry and the crypto market, which is why I decided to summarise the SEC’s suit against Coinbase. If want the SEC’s reasoning about altcoins, check yesterday’s video.

The only thing I’ll say here is that Coinbase could have a hard time defending itself from the SEC. As the facts stand today, the SEC only needs to prove that a single crypto Coinbase offered is a security, and not just on its exchange – even the Coinbase Wallet!

This is one you cannot miss.


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