Crypto Crash Coming?! Impact of The Debt Ceiling Deal!!

Jun 10, 2023

Hey Guys,

Remember how the debt ceiling was raised? I know it can be easy to forget given everything that’s happened in the crypto market over the last week. Believe it or not, but raising the debt ceiling could be even more important for prices.

This is because the US government will start refilling its bank account at the Fed by issuing debt into the economy. The last time this happened was early 2022. It caused crypto to crash and ETH to fall below 1k. This time could be worse.

I explain why in the video, but the key takeaway is that there could be a black swan lurking beneath the surface. One of the largest stablecoin issuers holds part of its reserves with money market funds which could soon experience stress.

This is a video you can’t miss!



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