Cosmos: ATOM Still Worth It? What You NEED To Know!

Sep 02, 2022

Hey Guys,

Not sure if you've noticed, but Cosmos' ATOM has been enduring the recent dips quite well.

It's not the first time that ATOM has gone against the grain, and I realised that it's been a while since we did a Cosmos update, so that's why I have for you today!

Cosmos is easily one of the most interesting crypto projects out there. It's one of the few that's been pushing the boundaries through its technology, and while it's emphasis on interoperability was initially not all that appreciated, it's starting to become a serious selling point.

At the same time the Cosmos ecosystem has seen some, shall we say, interesting changes. Cosmos co-founder Jae Kwon seems to have come back to the project in limited fashion, as he's more focused on a brand new crypto project he's building called Gnoland.

Enjoy the video, and keep your eyes and ears open for alpha.


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