Could This Election Outcome TANK Bitcoin!??

Sep 30, 2020

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I am going to have to call off that presidential run. Turns out that I need to be American. Who would have thought 🤦‍♂️

On a more serious note though, my next video is all about the election. More specifically, it looks at how the election results could possibly impact on the price of Bitcoin.

Yes, they all say that Bitcoin is apolitical but one cannot deny that it has become highly correlated with equity markets. This means that if the equity markets were to react to an unforeseen election result, it could also move the price of Bitcoin.

Global Macro uncertainty does feed through to the crypto markets.

So, in the video I take you through my analysis. I look at:

- the correlation between these markets and why it matters

- potential election results

- contested election (one of the biggest risks)

- chances of all happening

- hedging opportunities

There is no doubt that things are going to get rocky this October - but at least you will know the chances of each.

Hope you guys enjoy the vid!


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