xDai Review: Why STAKE Has Crazy Upside!!⚡️

Oct 02, 2020

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Have another video on the tube for you guys. And this has also been quite widely requested 📺

I take a look at xDai, one of the most exciting Ethereum scaling solutions currently available. This is basically a stable sidechain solution that can not only scale transactions but can also scale smart contract computations. This is because it is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

This has pretty important implications for DeFi. It means that there is a sidechain solution that will allow all those dApps to run without the bloat that they currently face on the mainchain. Moreover, fees are paid in a stablecoin equivalent which means that there is very little uncertainty as to the cost of the transactions as they are in a stable medium.

Fees are dirt cheap (1 cent for 500 transactions) and they are able to settle in the space of only a few seconds. There is also a staking component with a STAKE token which has some pretty solid tokenomics.

I take you through all of this and much more in this video. A deep dive on the consensus mechanism, token bridge, smart contract functionality, use cases and STAKE potential.

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⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️

► xDai Website: https://www.xdaichain.com/

► PoA Network: https://www.poa.network/

► PosDao Whitepaper: https://forum.poa.network/t/posdao-wh...

► Easy Stake: https://easy-staking.xdaichain.com/

► HoneySwap: https://honeyswap.org


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