Crypto News: Cardano, STX, BTC Mining, MATIC & More!!

Jan 17, 2022

It's News Time!!

Things have been pretty tense lately to say the least, and I'm also waiting to see whether the crypto market will pump or dump. For what it's worth, last week's headlines suggest there is a higher likelihood that we will see the former rather than the latter.

For starters, there were a bunch of surveys and studies which found that the demand from crypto from both individuals and institutions couldn't be higher. This is in addition to all the crypto reports for 2021 we've seen released by banks and asset managers which paint a similarly bullish picture. Believe me when I say I wish I had the time to cover them all!

The headlines that got me especially excited were those relating to a few crypto milestones I talked about in a recent video, namely the deployment of Cardano's first dApps. As you've probably seen, ADA has been on a tear of the last few days. I explain why in the video, so I'll save you the spoilers.

Other bullish headlines relate to crypto mining. Bitcoin's hash rate is basically back at its previous all time high after miners in Kazakhstan came back online. Bitcoin mining companies have also been stacking sats at a record rate, which suggests that they're waiting for a big move to the upside. Even Jack Dorsey's Block is getting into the Bitcoin mining business now.

Finally we have the runaway inflation we're seeing in almost every nation. This is pushing many people in developing countries to adopt cryptocurrency, and while they've mostly been adopting stablecoins so far, the technological rails have been laid down for some actual crypto adoption. Let's just hope that the economy doesn't completely implode...

In all seriousness guys, today's video is one you don't want to miss, and make sure to stick around until the end to get my take on what comes next for the crypto market!


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