Crypto NEWS From Around The World: Updates You CAN'T Miss!!

May 26, 2023

Hey Guys,

It's quite fair to say that most of our crypto coverage is related to news coming out of the USA. That's just because rules and regulations that are shaped in the world's biggest financial market will have an outsized impact on crypto.

However, the tide is turning. As the financial markets evolve, regulations in other countries start being more relevant.

So today, I am going to continue our "crypto around the world" series where we look at news coming out of other countries & regions. These include the likes of Canada, Australia, Turkey, Argentina, the UK & Hong Kong.

Some of the updates are positive, some of them are negative but they are all relevant for our evolving industry.




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Binance calls it quits in Canada, blames new rules:

Canada’s New Crypto Rules Push Trading Platforms to Comply or Leave:

Canada launches CBDC consultation:

Australia’s oldest bank bans payments to Binance:

Australian exchanges dispel debanking fears amid Binance saga, but risks loom:

Australia Announces CBDC Pilot and Study for the eAUD:

Australians Lost $148M in Crypto to Scammers in 2022:

Crypto ownership in Turkey, Argentina and Philippines surges as inflation skyrockets:

Hong Kong greenlights retail trading of cryptocurrency:

Hong Kong Lets Retail Investors Trade Crypto in New Rules:


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