Crypto News You CAN'T Miss: “Binance” Nigeria, BTC, UK & More!!

Jun 23, 2023

Hey Guys,

As you know, we like to summarise hearings in congress when they pertain to crypto or macro. The hearing we summarised for today’s video is probably the craziest we’ve summarized so far. It’s basically like all the others combined, x10.

The hearing in question featured Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. The questions asked and the answers given will make your head spin. By the end of it, all I could think was how I can help all of us prepare for the insanity that was discussed.

ESG regulations, CBDCs, de dollarization, crypto regulations, China invading Taiwan, banking crisis, the list goes on. Of all these factors, the geopolitical ones are probably the most important. I promise they’ll blow your mind.



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