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Crypto News: Polygon, CRO, Monero, Binance & MORE!!

By Guy

Hey Guys,

It’s another bloody Monday in the crypto market, but if you zoom out you can that there is nothing to fear. If you need more evidence of this, there’s no shortage of it in this week’s crypto market update!

For starters, secured the naming rights to the famous Staples center stadium in Los Angeles, California. This could have a positive effect on the price of CRO when the stadium is officially rebranded in December. Other cryptos could stand to benefit too.

Next, we saw a lot of money being thrown around by crypto companies last week. Digital Currency Group, Gemini, Opensea, Paradigm, and Consensus raised billions of dollars which will translate into big gains for certain cryptocurrencies.

You’ll see which cryptos will benefit from all this cash when you watch, so all I’ll say here is that one of them is probably going to be Polygon. Polygon saw its fair share of bullish news last week too, including an NFL and Unstoppable Domains partnership.

Binance is itching to raise billions of dollars of its own, but it seems to have a few hurdles ahead of it. Although some of these are regulatory in nature, it looks like the real barrier is ESG obsessed institutional investors. Wait until you hear about that one…

If you follow me on Twitter you probably know that Kraken announced its going to delist Monero’s XMR for UK users. This is a shame but somewhat expected given the incredible privacy Monero provides. Meanwhile, Zcash has unveiled a new roadmap!

With all these updates it should come as no surprise that politicians have been paying extra attention to crypto as of late, but their concerns stem from the possibility that BTC could replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. You won’t believe who said this….

And last but not least, I’ll take a look at a few of last week’s top performing altcoins and where they’re headed next, so be sure to stick around until the end if you want to get an extra edge!



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► Digital Currency Group 600m Raise:…
► Gemini 400m Raise:…
► Opensea Upcoming Raise:…
► Paradigm Crypto Fund:…
► NFL Polygon Partnership:…
► Unstoppable Domains Polygon Partnership:…
► Binance Bill Of Rights:…
► Binance ESG:…
► Monero Delisting:…
► Zcash Proof of Stake:…
► Bank of England Governor Crypto Warning:…
► London Crypto Ad Ban:…
► Hillary Clinton Crypto:…


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