Harmony: ONE To Watch!! Price Potential?!

Nov 23, 2021

Hey Guys,

A few days ago I held a poll asking which projects I should cover - and one of the most requested was Harmony.

This is actually a project that I have covered quite a few times in the past so it was only fitting I did an update.

Apart from the fact that my last video was a few months ago, I am actually quite impressed with Harmony as a project.

This isn't all that surprising when you consider that Harmony is basically what Ethereum will look like once it rolls out. It features a sharded proof of stake blockchain that can handle over 2000 transactions per second, and even leverages the EVM for smart contracts.

The ONE coin has some pretty robust tokenomics too, and it's price has grown exponentially thanks to the hard work of the Harmony team. Highlights include a 300 million dollar ecosystem fund, the addition of popular DeFi protocols, and the introduction of new apps like the 1Wallet (which is still in beta).

The ONE coin looks like it's ready for new all time highs too, and that's because Harmony has one hell of an ambitious roadmap. Three, actually. Their official roadmap is looking to make some serious improvements to the Harmony blockchain by early next year.

Harmony's ecosystem roadmap centers around that 300 million dollar ecosystem fund, and they're looking to dish out big bucks for everything from devs to artists. Some of the hourly rates in roles they're looking to fill pay over 300 dollars per hour!

Harmony's community roadmap isn't really official as it consists of Harmony Improvement Proposals or HIPs tabled by Harmony validators. There are some really interesting proposals there such as reducing the minimum ONE delegation and the introduction of a decentralization meter for validators.

This barely scratches the surface of everything I got into during this video. Not to spoil the ending, but I came across a few surprising things during my research. This is all information that's out in the open though, and the Harmony team is working on it.

What am I talking about exactly? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out 😉


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