Crypto Stress: How To Handle It & Make The Best Decisions!! ‍♂️

Dec 26, 2020

Happy Sunday folks!

It seems as if Bitcoin is about to finish off the year with a bang. Waking up this morning and seeing Bitcoin above £20k really did lift my spirits 🇬🇧

Having said that though, I always do try to keep my emotions in check. I try to view things through a holistic lense and don't get too carried away with the daily price movements.

Fun Fact: During the 2018 Bear Market when Bitcoin touched $3k at one point, I did not sell a single Satoshi. The same happened when we crashed to $5k this March. Not a sat.

What will surprise you even more than that is the fact that during both episodes of market pain, I felt reasonably calm. I was in an emotional state not far removed from that which I am in today.

Now, part of this could be down to my conviction in Bitcoin. However, I think a lot of it comes down to the methods that I personally use to handle stress.

These are methods that I have worked on over the years to be a more rounded, mindful and calm person. They are methods that I have learned by devouring endless content crafted by high performers in the business and sports world.

Tactics and rules of thumb that have allowed other people to build immense wealth and at the same time, remain perfectly content and calm 🧘‍♂️‍

So, I thought it would be great to take you guys through some of these in my latest video.

Not only do I give you some general physical and mental tricks that can help improve your trading, but also your general lifestyle.

It's a Coin Bureau video with a unique twist. One which I hope helps you guys as much as it has helped this Guy 😉


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