The Graph: Why GRT CANNOT Be Ignored!!

Dec 25, 2020

Hey Folks!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas for those that were celebrating it 🎄

It was a Christmas like none other but one that will no doubt be remembered like no others.

However, with that holiday "cheer" still in the air, I'm back with another video - and this is my special Xmas treat.

Yep, you guys have been asking me for a review on the Graph and this is the latest video on the tube.

Some of you may have known about The Graph earlier this year when they completed their ICO. However, most will have heard about it the moment it landed on Coinbase with a surprise listing.

Right out of the gates, their native GRT token absolutely flew 📈

Now, with some of the dust having settled, it's important to take a step back and actually analyse exactly what the graph is all about.

It's actually a really impressive project with super advanced tech. At a high level, they want to create a decentralised marketplace for data that is specific to the Ethereum blockchain.

Essentially, it's a data indexing protocol for Ethereum and IPFS. One that is hoping to make the process of combing through a plethora of onchain data easier and more efficient.

It's a completely unique project that is trying to solve a fundamental problem for dApp developers: Access to sound and relevant data.

I also of course take a look at the tokenomics of GRT and whether you should still consider it.

Hope you guys enjoy the vid!


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