DOJ Crypto Framework: What You NEED To Know!!

Oct 19, 2020

Hey Folks,

Got a new vid on the Tube for you guys 📺

As mentioned in my Monero video the other day, you had recent guidance from the US Department of Justice on how they view crypto. This was the "Crypto Enforcement Framework" that was released last week.

This created quite a lot of Buzz in the crypto community not just for what it contained but also for what it omitted.

In total, the document was over 80 pages long!

So, I decided to take one for the team here...

I read through the framework and have summarised it all in relatively compact video. Not only do I go through the various sections, but I also add some of my own commentary and analysis to it.

All of this is to help you folks better understand the framework and see how it applies to CEXs, DEXs, Defi and other crypto services.

Hope you guys enjoy 👇



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