Monero: BULLISH on XMR Now More Than Ever

Oct 17, 2020

Happy Sunday Folks,

I have some disturbing news to break to you...

There is a large assault taking place right now on your personal privacy and freedoms. Agencies around the world are doing their level best to tamp out any tech that they think is a threat to their surveillance apparatus.

One of the frequent targets has of course been cryptocurrency. They never really liked Bitcoin until they could develop tools that allowed them to easily trace it.

Now of course, they have a new target, and this is privacy coins like Monero.

Not only have they made it clear that they view the use of this crypto with suspicion, but they also have taken steps to try and crack the privacy (a recent IRS contract for example).

As I covered before, I think this is more of a boon than a curse. It shows that Monero is clearly a threat to these guys and hence must be doing something right.

I view it more through the "bullish" lense.

There are, of course, a number of other factors that I think make the case for Monero. Apart from that cutting-edge tech you also have strong onchain metrics and improvements in usability. Increasing decentralization and a great deal of work that is being done on functionality such as Atomic Swaps.

Really, all of this can't do it justice. That is why I cover it in-depth in my latest video. Yes, I also throw in a sneaky price prediction that you guys may appreciate 😉

Hope you guys enjoy! 👇



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