Europe's BIGGEST Energy Crisis is HERE: How Did This Happen?!

Jul 11, 2022

Hey Guys,

It's safe to say that we are living in quite unprecedented times. One of the scariest things that appears to be happening right now is the prospect of a wide scale energy crisis in Europe.

This has all come to the fore this week as a major Russian gas pipeline goes down for maintenance this week. There are many on the continent that think this could be the precursor to a much longer shutdown.

That's why they are now making contingency plans. They are reclassifying nuclear and gas energy as “sustainable” and are also starting up their old coal plants. In the worst case, there is even the possibility of wide scale rationing.

So, this begs a very important question: How did we get here?

Well, Europe's energy crisis is years in the making. It's a result of efforts to move to alternative methods of power generation too quickly. Moves that left Europe's energy security exposed to those enemies who would turn it into a weapon.

In my video today, I give you everything that you need to know about Europe's current predicament. From its moves away from Nuclear, to its over reliance on pipeline gas at the expense of other sources.

The most important thing that I learned from this video though is the importance of energy security. It's a cursory tail for everyone around the world - not just in Europe.

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