Exchange Proof of Reserves: What It Means & Who is Doing It?!

Nov 27, 2022

The collapse of FTX and Alameda Research has probably left many of you wondering which cryptocurrency exchanges can be trusted. This is something they noticed, which is why they've all been publishing proof of their crypto reserves over the last few weeks.

Naturally, I decided to take a closer look at the assets these exchanges hold and see whether there is any cause for concern. Unfortunately most exchanges have only provided information about their assets and not their liabilities, but it's still interesting.

At first glance it looks like Binance is the only cryptocurrency exchange that's well capitalised, but again this is hard to say for sure without seeing the liabilities side of the balance sheet. I also take a close look at, OKX, and Kucoin.
Hope this helps in your exchange decisions!

P.S. Keep your any crypto you're not actively trading on your personal wallet!


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