FACT CHECK!! Bitcoin Mining Emissions: Why It's FUD!

Feb 10, 2022

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I couldn't help but notice the other day that we're starting to see some Bitcoin FUD resurface, specifically in relation to Bitcoin's energy use and emissions. Luckily for us, Coinshares took the time to put together a detailed report to finally find some solid facts and stats about this.

If Coinshares sounds familiar, that's because they're one of the biggest crypto companies out there. They tend to fly under the radar however, and that's because their focus is on institutional rather than retail investors. As you can imagine, they do a lot of research.

Coinshares wrote this report because there is a lot of a concern among institutional investors that Bitcoin mining may not fit within the ESG template many of them are using to invest. It's believed that ESG concerns are why the crypto market crashed last May.

Rather than keep things simple, Coinshares went the extra mile by analyzing exactly what crypto mining machines are being used, where these mining machines have been set up, how often they're on, how profitable they are, and a whole bunch of other overlooked factors.

All I'll say here is that their conclusions were nothing short of stunning, and in my opinion it settles the Bitcoin mining debate once and for all. So, next time you see someone spreading FUD about Bitcoin mining, send them this video 😉



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