Filecoin Review: Here’s The Lowdown On FIL!!

Oct 22, 2020

Hey Chaps / Chappettes,

Got another video up for you folks 📺

As promised, I wanted to take a look at Filecoin. They launched their mainnet last week and trading of FIL tokens exploded. Prices hit all time highs of over $131 but have since being on a pretty sustained downward trend.

This is because of concerns that were raised about centralisation and the cost of miners to run nodes. There was also a bit of a fracas about token unlocking which followed the release.

So, there is quite a lot going on here. Of course, I tried to capture everything I could when shooting this video.

In it, I take a look at the background, tech, mining, competition, tokenomics and what we could expect going forward. Of course, given how fluid the situation is, I may have to do *another* update in due course.

But I do hope you guys like it! 👇



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