NEAR Protocol: Sleeping GIANT or Overvalued??

Oct 24, 2020

Happy Sunday Guys!

It's getting quite cold here in London, but that's not going to stop me from serving up some Hot crypto content 🔥

I have a new video up and this is on a project that seems to have fallen off the crypto news radar.

This is the NEAR Protocol and it is a project that I have mentioned before in my newsletter. NEAR is basically a sharded blockchain that is focused on all the same things we hear about: scalability, simplicity, sustainable decentralization etc. I could also rattle off all their network stats that explain their scalability potential.

However, one feature that they are focusing a lot of their attention on is usability. They have developed a number of toolkits that enable developers to build applications and smart contracts using a wide range of established programming languages.

There are a number of really interesting things that have been built into the protocol. That is no coincidence though given that the NEAR developers have been working with numerous other projects in the crypto space.

I don't want to give away too many spoilers though. I cover this in much more in this in-depth review.

For your viewing pleasure 👇


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