Have You READ THIS!? Crypto & Web3 Still Has POTENTIAL!!

Jul 08, 2022

Hey Guys,

I know you love my summaries of all these crypto reports, especially when they're super long. Well, I've got a treat for you today: a summary of Chainalysis' recently released State of Web3 report which comes in at a whopping 109 pages!

Given that Chainalysis' job is to track crypto transactions, it's safe to say that what they found was fascinating.

There is really way too much for me to even try and unpack here, but two of the biggest takeaways for me were that our analysis of Terra's collapse and Celsius' decline seem to have been accurate.

Not saying that was a worry to begin with, but it's a different level of confirmation when you have all the on-chain data to back it up. It's also interesting to see how much traction NFTs, DeFi Protocols, and stablecoins continue to get despite the crypto bear market.

Normally I would write this off because crypto reports tend to be published a while after the data was gathered. In this case however the data is pretty damn fresh, and that makes the findings in the report that much more exciting.



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