KuMEX Review: Everything You NEED To Know

Jan 29, 2020

📝 Overview 📝

KuMEX is a futures exchange that it is owned and operated by KuCoin. KuMEX offers about the same as the other exchanges with up to 100 times multiples.

KuMEX can accept traders from all of the same regions that KuCoin operates in. There are some restricted countries prime among them probably being the United States.

🔓 Safety 🔓

KuMEX operates majority cold storage, Multisig hot wallets, robust server infrastructure and user side security procedures such as 2 factor authentication.

KuMEX is able to protect the risk for their traders through the use of an insurance fund. This insurance fund is replenished from margin amounts that remain on liquidation of a trade

KuMEX also has a unique trading engine which they claim is able to process up to 1 million transactions every minute with less than a 1 millisecond delay.

💳 Assets & Fees 💳

KuMEX currently only offers Bitcoin futures. They do have slightly lower trading fees than competing exchanges. Their taker fee is only 0.06%. The maker rebate is the same as at the other exchanges

📝 Registration 📝

Registration is done on the KuCoin exchange and they have a relatively simple registration process.

KuCoin is a full KYC exchange which means that you will have to submit your documents in order to get your account verified before you can begin trading.

There is also a testnet that is available at KuMEX on their sandbox subdomain. You have all the same trading features and it allow you to test your trading bots.

🖥 Trading Platforms 🖥

There is an advanced trading platform and a Lite platform.

The Lite platform is more beginner friendly with simple charts and order forms. It allows the trader to trade with leverage quick and easily. It also has a leaderboard and a sentiment analysis tool.

The advanced platform gives the trader way more functionality. It is modular and allows traders to position the elements to suit their trading style. The charts are tradingview which are some of the most advanced on the market.

You also have order forms with all of the advanced order parameters. There is quite a lot of functionality here. You can choose limit or market orders, stop orders and adjust the time in force.

There is also an API which can be used by developers to code their own bots and algorithms. For mobile trading, you can use the KuCoin mobile app and select the futures market.

📧 Customer Support 📧

They use the same customer support as KuCoin which means that they have a large support function ready to help.

You should expect help within an hour and this is mostly dealt with through the use of a ticket support form.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

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