Theta Token Review: What You NEED to Know

Feb 05, 2020

📝 Simple Overview 📝

Chances are that you know full well how popular video streaming is. After all, you are watching this video on YouTube. Theta is all about creating the world’s first Decentralized Streaming Network, otherwise known as a Decentralized Content Delivery network.

⚙️ Technology ⚙️

The protocol enables users to earn tokens from advertisers or caching nodes, relay video streams to other users, gift their favorite content creators or influencers, and much more. It has been built by fusing a few different technologies together, such as multi-level BFT, an aggregated signature gossip scheme, and a resource-oriented micropayment pool.

These technological innovations have led Theta to claim a transaction throughput of 1,000 transactions per second Vs Ethereum’s 50 and Bitcoin’s 7.

Theta’s delivery network comprises of a tracker server and its intelligent player client.

💰️ Token 💰

Theta was originally launched as an ERC-20 token and moved over to its own blockchain upon mainnet launch in March 2019.

The coin currently ranks just outside the top 50 of all coin for market capitalization and has a circulating supply of over 870 million coins.

Both Theta and the ecosystem’s fuel token (TFUEL), are both supported on a wide range of exchanges and have reasonable liquidity.

Stakeholders can store their coins in dedicated Theta wallets and both iOS and Android versions of the official wallet are available.

🤝️ Team & Partnerships 🤝

The team is led by CEO and co-founder Mitch Liu, who previously co-founded companies like the streaming site as well as Gameview Studios and Tapjoy. Co-founder Jieyi Long also co-founded and holds a PhD in computer engineering from Northwestern University.

The team at Theta is also supported by an experienced group of advisors who have decades worth of media experience between them. These include the likes of YouTube co-founder Steve Chen and Twitch co-founder Justin Kan.

Ryan Nichols holds the position of Chief Product Officer on the Theta team. He’s previously worked as a director at Chinese media giant Tencent for WeChat and has also co-founded a foodie focused streaming app too.

When it comes to partnerships, this project has many. However, some of the most meaningful are:

- Samsung VR: Users can now watch their favorite esports streams in virtual reality while earning TFuel.

- Which allows users to earn and donate TFuel as they watch live streams. Users earn TFuel by opting in and allowing the network to access their excess bandwidth and resources.

📈 Trading & Wallets 📈

Theta is supported by a pretty wide variety of exchanges. This includes the fan favorite, Binance. However, over half the trading volume is on Coinone (which we have never heard of) and Binance. That means that large Theta token holders will have limited choices when it comes to trading. 3

When it comes to hardware wallet support, both Ledger and Trezor only support the old ERC-20 version of the coin. This means that those with mainnet tokens will have to use Theta’s official wallet to store them.


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