Market CRASH?? MORE Inflation? Jackson Hole & What It Means!!

Aug 30, 2023

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Last week’s Jackson Hole symposium made the headlines, but it seems they all missed something important. For context, the symposium is basically a meeting of central bankers. All the focus was on Jerome, but there were others there too.

ECB president Christine Lagarde and BoJ governor Kazuo Ueda were also present, and what they said was in many ways more significant for the markets. The fact their comments were made behind closed doors might have something to do with the lack of coverage. 

Thankfully, there’s enough information out there to get a sense of what they said, and it suggests that we could be in for a very interesting fall and winter period. Depending on how the cookie crumbles, our predictions this year will be just as accurate as the ones last year…

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