What Jerome Powell Said: This is What The Fed is Going to Do!!

Aug 05, 2022

Hey Guys,

A little over a week ago the Federal Reserve held it's last press conference before the central bankers all go on vacation.

Investors were listening very closely to what Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was saying to see whether the Fed will be hawkish or dovish when they return at the end of September. Not surprisingly, what Jerome said moved the markets, including crypto.

This made me realise that I've never done an in-depth analysis of the Fed's monthly press conferences, and I reckon that's a good thing for all of you to know how to do. Understanding what Jerome is saying isn't all that difficult to do once you understand the Fed's mindset, and it of course has profound implications for the short to medium term price action of most coins and tokens.

As you'll see, the Fed is dead set on killing inflation at almost all costs, one of the only exceptions being employment. Put simply, so long as inflation stays high and unemployment stays low, the Fed will continue to hike rates aggressively. This doesn't even factor in the Fed's ongoing balance sheet reduction which could surprise the markets come September.

All of this and more in today's Fed press conference summary!


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