NEW Crypto Indicator With Crazy Potential!! Check This Report!!

Sep 11, 2023

🚨 New Video Alert!! 🚨

If you’re looking to get an edge in the crypto market, today’s video is for you. Recently, Ark Invest and Glassnode co-authored a whitepaper that proposes a new way of measuring crypto value, specifically for BTC.

This novel approach is called ‘Cointime Economics’ and it seems to be surprisingly effective at assessing where BTC’s tops and bottoms are (in terms of price, of course). In all seriousness, this could be a seriously powerful tool.

Unfortunately, Cointime Economics indicators aren’t available yet, apparently not even to institutional investors. Fortunately, we heard about this new concept and decided to fill you in, so that you can have an edge! 



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► Ark Invest x Glassnode CoinTime Economics Whitepaper:


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