SAFEST WAY To Store Your Crypto!! DON'T RISK IT!!

Dec 10, 2021

Hey Guys,

Here's a question for you: How do you store your crypto?

Do you keep it on an exchange? Or perhaps you use a wallet on your PC or phone?

The point is, where you store your crypto is a critical part of your crypto security. Of course, everyone will tell you that the best option to self-custody it. To be in control of your own keys.

However, there are many layers to self-custody. And, your funds are only as safe as the personal protocols that you have in place to secure that crypto. A large part of that is the wallet that you use but it also comes down to Opsec, planning and address management.

It's some of these factors that see people either lose control of their crypto or get hit with a catastrophic hack.

So, I thought that it was high time that I did a video which took you guys through my personal crypto storage protocol.

Everything from what wallet I use to how I manage my addresses, backups, and software.

I also have a few top tips that you guys may want to consider if you are storing a sizable amount of coin.

And, even if your crypto stack is not that large, you guys will benefit from this. That's because given the long-term price potential of many coins, that stack could be worth many millions in a few years’ time.

Enjoy the video - I hope you are taking notes! ✍️


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