SUI Coin Review: Worth It? Price Predictions & Analysis!!

May 12, 2023

Hey Guys,

Have you heard about the latest Solana killer? I am of course talking about Sui, the descendant of Facebook’s failed Diem crypto project which recently launched its main net. Like Aptos, Sui received a lot of funding, and appears to have a lot of potential.

What makes Sui unique is its consensus mechanism. Only simple transactions are processed via consensus, and novel technologies make it possible to order the complex pending transactions correctly. Sui is also super fast- 300k TPS is apparently possible.

To be clear, I don’t hold Sui as part of my portfolio, but I do think it’s a project to keep your eyes on. Like all crypto projects, it has its fair share of challenges and I do have my concerns, but this could be one of the top performing cryptos during the next bull market.



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