Synthetix: SNX Price Potential & RISKS!!

Aug 29, 2020

Hey Guys,

It's that time of the week again. Yesterday I went swimming…

Swimming in some defi waters. The space is so awash with liquidity 🏊‍♂️‍

There are a lot of projects which have only recently exploded but there are others that have been there since the beginning. One such project is Synthetix.

Synthetix is not new to the channel as I covered it earlier this year. That was a much earlier time before DeFi really blew up like it did.

So, I only thought that it was fitting to come back to it.

In this video, I take a look at all of the updates that have happened since. I also explore the tokenomics, use cases and price potential. I also do address a potential concern that many have raised - that regulatory question...

Is it sufficiently decentralised to avoid any action from the SEC or CFTC? Something I explore in the vid.

Hope you guys like it! 👇

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► Mintr dApp:

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► Weiss Article:


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