TOP 10 Crypto Christmas Gifts & My BEST Wishes!!

Dec 17, 2020

Hi Guys,

I think I can speak for most hodlers when I say: Congrats 🎉🎉

There was a time this year when Bitcoin fell below 5k and we had our usual suspects gloating about how "Bitcoin was dead".

Well, we ended the year off on a bang didn't we?

Anyways, given that Bitcoin is at All Time Highs, you may have wanted to realise a small slice of those gains for some Christmas gifts.

However, let’s be real - most of us leave our Xmas shopping to the last moment and I am sure you guys are no different. So, if you are being badgered for Christmas gift list ideas then I’ve got the video for you.

Today, I go over the top Christmas gifts for crypto fans. With the crypto market exploding, you are going to want to check this out!

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Anyhow, check out my latest video for some crypto Xmas gift inspiration. Make sure to watch till the end to hear my Christmas message to you guys. I hope you enjoy it!



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