SECRETS To Finding a 100x Token Sale!! ✅

Dec 22, 2020

Let's face it Guys, it's pretty hard to get a 100x these days with and of the cryptos in the top 100 of CMC.

Heck, you probably won't even get that with coins in the top 300 🤷

So, in order for you to actually find these gems, you have to go straight to the source, digging in the dirt. I am of course talking about getting them during their crowdsale.

This is of course risky because the vast majority (over 95%) of the early stage token sales don't really amount to much and end up losing money for people. This is perhaps one of the reasons why ICOs and other token sales have such a bad wrap.

Therefore, if you are going to be looking around for these types of moonshots, you have to have a *solid* and deliberate strategy when doing so.

This is exactly what I cover in my latest video. I take you guys through some of my top tips when it comes to scouting out those early stage projects with the most potential.

From what to look for and where to find it as well as some of my personal strategies when sorting the wheat from the chaff, the gems from the crap.

Of course you should know, investing in such projects is risky in general. But, as we all know, risk vs. reward 💯😉

Hope you guys enjoy!



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