TOP Staking Coins in 2022!! The MOST Potential!

Mar 03, 2022

Hey Guys,

I know the crypto market isn't looking too hot these days, but that doesn't mean you can't make passive gains while you wait!

Last year I did a video about the top staking cryptos for 2021, and I figured it's about time I did a video for the top staking cryptos for 2022!

Rather than just focus on staking rewards, I took five factors into the account when making today's list: the minimum stake required, the lock or unlock period, the slashing risks, the actual staking rewards, and the potential future price of the crypto being staked.

That last factor is the most important but it's also the hardest one to predict. For what it's worth, the cryptos I picked out last year all did well, but then again so did the rest of the crypto market. This year is obviously much more uncertain, so don't get too excited.

That said, I really do think the cryptos I discuss today have potential in 2022, and I have a feeling some of you will be surprised with the list.

I'll reiterate that the list is in no particular order, and it's also not exhaustive by any means. These are just the ones that interest me.



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