WATCH Out For These!! TIPS To Read Bitcoin Whales!!

Oct 26, 2021

Hey Guys,

One thing is for sure, the approval of those ETF instruments had a massive impact on the price. The hype that came with their release pushed Bitcoin way above its all-time high and then some.

However, there were many people in the market that were already stacking sats long before any announcement was made by the SEC. Long before the rumours started percolating on social media. There were whales and institutions that were entering bullish positions in the weeks prior to the release.

And, if you had been studying some of the most important metrics, market data and disclosures, you would have got a sense that something big was afoot.

What metrics am I talking about?

Well, in my video today, that is exactly what I will be covering. I will be doing a bit of a case study on the Bitcoin ETF release and how the markets had been moving prior to that.

I will be taking you through some of the most important data and metrics that you should have been watching and exactly why they were flashing "Bull".

The goal of the video is to give you the insight into how whales move their coins and how their actions impact on the crypto market. Everything from on-chain movements, to futures and options demand.

By being able to spot these trends you could have an edge on the market that most other retail investors seem to glance over.

Those that are able to move before the pack are generally able to spot the signal in the noise.


P.S. Hope you enjoy the disclaimer 😉

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