Here's What's Going DOWN at The FED!! Jerome's Latest Speech

Oct 11, 2022

Hey Guys,

It's really crazy to think that the central banks have been the primary cause of the crypto crash, specifically the Federal Reserve. The Fed said it would start raising rates last November, and since then it's been one big downtrend for all assets.

Naturally, everyone has been paying extremely close attention to the Fed as a result (including me!). In today's video I do a careful analysis of what Fed chairman Jerome Powell during his recent appearance at the Brookings Institute, a famous think tank.

What surprised me was that the markets seem to have interpreted his words incorrectly. Jerome came across as extremely hawkish, meaning that the Fed will continue raising rates. The markets paid attention to the one dovish thing he said, and rallied.

As you'll soon see, this could be very bad news very soon...



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