XRP Going Higher?! Ripple vs. SEC: What It Means For CRYPTO!!

Jul 20, 2023

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XRP is NOT a security, but what exactly does it mean for crypto? Well this all depends on whether the SEC tries to appeal the court's recent ruling, The SEC appears to have an opening to do so. it doesn't. it could still create issues for crypto.

Without revealing too much, the judge made a critical assumption ‘when deciding that Ripple's sales of XRP were not securities (except in one circumstance). This critical assumption is questionable, and it could undo the protection XRP appears to have.

At the same time, the XRP sales that were considered securities could set a precedent that prevents investment into new crypto projects, at least in the USA. This of course assumes that the ruling sets a precedent. Some lawyers claim that it hasn't yet!

This is one you want to watch until the end.


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