Jul 02, 2020

Hey Guys.

Happy Friday! I'm currently out in the English countryside on my farm, tending my fields...

Ok, only part of that is true. Not actually in the countryside but I am doing some farming 👨‍🌾

Yield Farming is one of the hottest topics in the DeFi space currently and we have seen some insane yield numbers cropping up recently.

No doubt one of the most telling of those was the yield over at Compound Finance (100% +). While there may have been some governance changes at Compound to adapt their incentive protocol with the COMP tokens, there are still a number of other opportunities out there.

In my latest video, I go into all of that. It's my complete guide to Yield farming where I explain the most important concepts, take you through some interesting opportunities and also illustrate some of the risks.

Happy Farming guys 👇


⛓️ 🔗 Helpful Links & Sources 🔗 ⛓️

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► Instadapp: https://instadapp.io/

► Curve Finance: https://www.curve.fi/

► Mintr on Synthetix: https://mintr.synthetix.io/

► DefiRate: https://defirate.com

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📜 Disclaimer 📜

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