DeFi's Regulatory Risk: Should YOU Worry??

Oct 07, 2020

Got a new video on the tube guys! 📺

For this one, I decided to put my legal hat on to analyse some regulatory questions - particularly as it relates to Defi.

For those of you who follow my weekly newsletter, you will have seen me musing this point. Basically, I wanted to analyse whether there is any regulatory risk posed to some of the current defi protocols.

Yes, they are "Decentralised" but there are still elements of control that could be focused on should a really determined regulator want to impede its progress.

So, in this video, I take a look at some of the most recent regulatory action against Cefi services. I then break down how these could be applied to Defi and how regulators might apply the pressure should they *really* want to shut something down.

Finally, I look at two examples of protocols that could *theoretically* be a target.

I do encourage you to watch the whole vid as it does help to give you complete context around the arguments.

Still bullish on Defi - just always good to know what black swan risks exist 😉


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