Roberto de Isidro
Role : author
Resides In :
Studied : University of Surrey
Expertise : Cryptocurrency, Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain, Web3, Ethereum, Scaling, Layer 2s, Rollups, GameFi, Game and Earn, Crypto Gaming, DeFi, Decentralized Finance, Fundamentals, Fundamental Analysis, Cosmos, Cardano, Solana, Bitcoin, Payments, User Experience, UX, Tokenization, Tokenized Securities, Interoperability, Technical Analysis,

I fell into the Crypto rabbit hole in 2019, captivated by the technology's potential to increase our sovereignty and freedom, make finance more efficient and accessible, and unlock new ways of human coordination. I soon knew I wanted to be part of this movement.

Now, I'm a Crypto Analyst with experience in TradFi covering all things Crypto, blockchain, and Web3. I just started my digital nomad journey while writing about, trading, and breathing crypto. 

I'm an Aerospace Engineering graduate from the University of Surrey. When I'm not thinking about crypto, I spend time playing guitar, going to rock music gigs, reading books, traveling, and trying to lower my Golf handicap. Feel free to say hi on Twitter!